Trying Out a Tap Trigger

Select the 'Calc' app with the target selector on the top right. Tap the 'Graffiti' tab. Select the 'Tap' trigger with the pulldown on the left, and the 'Applications' app with the pulldown on the the right. Your screen should look like this one. The ? means the tap coordinates are undefined. Let's go to the Calc app and define them.


In the calc app, press Hard 4 and hold it for 2 seconds. This will bring up the Apt menu (left). Press hard 3 (or tap on 'Get Tap') and then tap on the number 6. You've now defined a tap coordinate. Check that: press and hold hard 4 again and select 'S. Graffiti'. Your tap point should be shown. If you tap on the number 6 in the calculator it will now take you back to the applications launcher. Congratulations :-)

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