Trigger Screens

Buttons, Graffiti, Events Screens Are All About Triggers and Actions

These rightmost three screen tabs (at the top) take you to screens for defining triggers and actions. A trigger is any event that can cause Apt to do something. An action is the thing it does when the trigger occurs.

The screens and actions executed behave identically, but the available triggers are dependent on the screen.

It's recommended that you experiment with the Buttons screen triggers before trying out the Graffiti and Events triggers, because you can easily test the button assignments.

Warning: Apt provides around 50 unique triggers and 100 actions. Some combinations will not work, or not work as expected. However, don't be afraid to experiment! No combination of triggers/actions should cause a crash (barring unknown bugs in the software).

Column Layout

Each row in the screen pairs events and actions. The third column indicates the triggering event while the second column is the trigger argument which modifies how the trigger is interpreted, and the first column is the trigger condition which affects whether the trigger will actually fire or not (see variables).

The fourth column is the action category. There are many actions which can be performed, hence the need to break them into categories.

The fifth column is the action within the category.

The last column is the action argument which modifies how the action is executed. Some action categories only have a single member, and then there is no action argument.

You can leave as many empty slots between triggers, it won't affect anything. Apt will just skip empty lines and see all triggers defined in any screen. Trigger order is irrelevant except in groups formed by connectors.

Triggers work in groups if you use the "&", ">" and "*" connectors. Groups are shown visually by alternating colors (black/blue) in the vertical bar between the Trigger name and the Action.

Buttons Screen

This screen allows actions to be triggered based on pressing of the hardware buttons and some of the on-screen soft buttons. Browse the list of all Button Triggers available.

Graffiti Screen

On the Graffiti Screen you can define the actions that take place when Graffiti Triggers (taps, strokes) are fired.

Events Screen

On the Events Screen you can define the actions that take place when Event Triggers (general hardware and software events not covered by the other categories) are fired.

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