Prefs Screen

This screen allows setting of 'environmental' prefs like brightness and sound levels. These settings are applied when the target launches.


The labels at the left are buttons to enable or disable particular pref settings. If a target has no setting enabled for a particular pref, then the *Default* settings are examined. If the *Default* also has no setting enabled for the pref, then Apt will not change the prevailing setting when the target launches. Hope you got that!

In the screenshot to the left, when the Contacs app is entered, Apt will set the auto off time and brightness, the DIA area and status bar will be closed, graffiti anywhere with ink will be enabled, and IR beaming will be turned off (if it isn't already).

Some notes…

  • if the *Default* setting for a particular pref is disabled, then when you leave the app the setting will stay as it was set in the target app, unless the next app that runs has that setting enabled.
  • for several devices (probably all Treos), the System volume actually refers to the speaker output volume. Thus, if you have game volume usually at zero but want a particular game to have high volume, you need to raise both the system andB> game volume in that app. Alarm volume has no effect on these devices I believe.
  • the numbers at the right indicate the numerical equivalents of the slider positions. changes to the *Default* app auto-off, volume or brightness levels take place immediately even if Apt is not enabled.
  • an auto off time of 0 means never turn off (be careful with this).
  • for some devices some settings will not work. For instance, rotate may only work on a long-screen device, system sound seems to have trouble taking effect on one or more treo models.
  • if you are having trouble setting the auto-off and brightness sliders with enough precision, you can use nav left/right to increase or decrease by one (when the slider has focus).
  • lastly, if you find your DIA jumping up and down all the time, it's probably because you havn't set it manually to your preferred setting (PalmOS remembers the last manually set position and tries to restore it a lot). Just use the status bar trigger one time to set it and things should calm down.
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