Installing Apt

Important: do not try to run Apt from a removable memory card.

First Install

  • Install the file AptLite.prc (or Apt.prc for the full version).
  • Some functions also require installation of AptAssist.prc: you will be told if that is the case.
  • You may also find it useful to install one or more of the files in the thirdparty/ directory at some point (their usage is described at various other points in this documentation).

Upgrading To Full Version

  • Follow the Removal instructions below
  • Proceed as for First Install
  • Install AptKey.DEVICEID.prc which you received after registration

Upgrading to a New Version (of same type, Lite or Full)

  • Disable the application (very important): uncheck 'Enabled' and 'Enable After Reset' in the settings form
  • Reset
  • Proceed as for First Install

Using this procedure, all settings will be retained.


In Apt, select Menu->Apt->Remove.

This will also delete your database with settings.

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