Version History

This is the history of Apt versions since 1.0, from newest to oldest.

Check here for pre 1.0 versions (all 28 of them!)

2.0.1 03/05/2009

  • bugfix: issue reported by bluefishCFC on 1src's forum regarding the limit in app letter launching.

2.0 03/03/2009

  • minor cosmetic changes, lighter footprint and key requirements removed.
  • first free release: this application is to be used at your own risk, none of the people, author, maintainer, copyright holder and/or contributor may be held responsible for any damage resulting of the use or misuse of this application.

1.3 01/13/2009

  • 1.3 == 1.3b3.

1.3b3 14/11/2008

  • kill Center button auto-repeats when we have a centr trigger configured. Without this, center press was occasionally being handled twice by other apps.
  • Treo side key trigger was not activating

1.3b2 20080904

  • flush key queue after center press in star menu: some reported the press was getting to underlying app. Wonder if it will help….
  • bugfix: star menu called from tag was crashing when item selected in Blazer & Friends
  • removed blocking of DA launch in Blazer and friends (some useful DAs don't have UI and don't crash)
  • added warning in UI (once only) about DAs crashing in some apps
  • don't handle hard button virtual character (excepting power) as a trigger when no physical button is pressed. Pro: problem with Hobbyist software onscreen close button is solved. Con: Apt simmed button presses can't be used to fire Apt button triggers (thanks technical1 for info)
  • bugfix: calling popup list or star tag from star menu was sticking until user input sometimes.

1.3b1 18/08/2008

  • IMPORTANT: only compatible with an Apt 1.2 DB. If you are upgrading from a prior version, you should install Apt version 1.2 first to upgrade your DB.
  • changed Brgth:DSet (set *Defaults* brightness) to Brgt:Copy (copy current system value to *Default* brightness) Note: be careful, you need to set brightness first if using some form of brightness dimming
  • FExit trigger now checks argument against both form name and ID
  • put a divider before Remove in Menu->Apt
  • increased max macro/menu length to 100
  • added …/Beep, argument is "freq(Hz),duration(ms)", vol comes from game sound level
  • default Apt priority is now V High, some treo/centro users report that helps with some problems
  • added Hard/Power to simulate power button being pressed. The intended use is to allow wakeup of the device with e.g. a Time trigger, before performing some other action
  • added repeater argument for triggers oHrd1-4 (-> opt+hardbutton press-and-hold)
  • bugfix: don't handle char triggers when in menu (was messing up menu item selection)
  • bugavoidance: removed WhiteOnBlack theme from thirdparty/KhromaDB.pdb, problems reported by different users on different devices
  • bugfix: star menu doesn't crash after selection in Blazer and friends
  • bugfix press-n-hold popups don't crash after selection in Blazer and friends
  • bugfix: get tap/get stroke don't crash after doing the stroke etc in Blazer and friends
  • force DB sync after write when resident (was getting empty DB after reset sometimes) (does this help ?)
  • bugfix: removed small fonts on T3, required system call not available
  • bug avoidance: refuse to launch DAs in Blazer and friends
  • bug avoidance: don't allow held-button unlock triggers in Blazer and friends
  • bugfix: don't turn off everything when only going to rem sleep (thanks for hint Chastreo!)
  • tersified some error messages, make space
  • moved splash screen to app launch (not so annoying coming from settings)
  • screen lock during loading
  • start with all UI items invisible (cleaner/faster startup)
  • bugfix: was not exiting cleanly when problems at startup
  • removed excess flag when powering off, maybe help with disable condition ?
  • bugfix: UI: when two identical triggers were in adjacent rows, changing the arg or condition of the first would propogate down to the second (thanks Don/Stefan)
  • bugfix: UI: bad window handle error on sim fixed (though it didn't seem to affect anything on device)
  • improved removal process, Centro (maybe more) had problems
  • UI: 'Loading' message changed slightly
  • bugfix: apps that just run then exit without an event loop were crashing with Apt active (at least on Centro sim)

1.2 29/05/2008

  • took out nilevent check for treo650, didn't work apparently
  • draw Apt icon (at top) for *Tag* apps
  • bugfix: icons didn't match apps in App action lists
  • write popup/star action names record when DB version changes (some people had reported out of date names)

1.2b5 28/05/2008

  • some triggers had bad labels after deleting a *Tag* app
  • added small delay when handling Let/Dig triggers outside a field, seems to make myKbd happier
  • added yet another check for 650 having woken up, let's see
  • compressed trigger argument specification (code), let me know if any triggers have wrong type of argument
  • bugfix: treo: action cat entries for last 4 lines were not being set on startup
  • bugfix: coming back from settings from to small fonts, 10.5 rows were showing :-)

1.2b4 27/05/2008

  • bugfix: trigger conditions (and more ?) were not recorded correctly in last 4 rows
  • macros in tags now (again) place the contents of the tag at the end of the current running macro (probably broke something else though :-)) [so if-then-else-by-tags should work again]
  • added HS phone app to not-support-popup apps list
  • bugfix: Tags in screen Two/Three were being missed
  • bugfix: cmd bar action was dropping through to tag call
  • took out stuck macro code, think that doesn't occur anymore with alarm driving
  • Let trigger: no longer triggers if focus is in a table field

1.2b3 26/05/2008

  • bugfix: lock was always accepted (thanks technical1)
  • bugfix: all sorts of system events being accepted as unlock events

1.2b2 26/05/2008

  • removed 'inject' debug message
  • more inject tinkering
  • use short trigger names for T-, T+
  • upped max macro/popup length to 60 (for poweruser Enotar)
  • bugfix: was handling missing Tag screens as Default for trigger match
  • bugfix: deleting tag screen messed up UI trigger args
  • matching of tags with caller string is now case sensitive and none-partial
  • can no longer have multiple calls in macros: as soon as any Call is hit the macro starts afresh with the called Tag actions (couldn't be bothered to work out the problem there)
  • redraw go button after app list selection (workaround to it getting obscured by long app names)
  • took out X: from popup boxes when press-and-holding

1.2b1 25/05/2008

  • improved popup list and star menu 'resistance' to background events interrupting it. Star should virtually always stick now.
  • change try and fix cmlx problem of triggers disabled after cradle on 650
  • added Menu->Apt->Toggle Font. Toggles between 14 and 10 trigger rows for small screens. Is a per-app setting (probably you only need to set if for *Defaults*)
  • added *Tags 1* and *Tags 2* pseudo apps, with new Tag trigger (named action sequence)
  • added Apt:Call action to call a Tag trigger
  • *removed* paste command bar icon, space-to-usefulness ratio too low, can also use the 'apply' action to replicate the functionallity
  • increased max macro/popup length 20->30
  • key queing/reinjection when busy:
  • only queue different trigger from currently handling
  • only queue if we would have handled it anyway
  • kill key after queuing so we don't get 'something else handles it then we handle it later'
  • Idle* trigger: warn if < 3 seconds in UI (OS seems to have problem with less for proc alarm resetting itself)
  • made +Form and FExit trigger checking more stringent (only forms with titles are considered at all, helps prevent multiple triggering)

1.1 21/05/2008

  • THIS VERSION ONLY COMPATIBLE WITH DB CREATED BY APT 1.0 or 1.1b8(and *possibly* up to 1.1b4)
  • bugfix: null actions were blocking parent trigger even when the condition on thetarget app trigger was not met
  • bugfix: +Form trigger was not truncating very long form names correctly forcomparison purposes (thanks cmlx)

1.1b8 19/05/2008

  • THIS VERSION ONLY COMPATIBLE WITH DB CREATED BY APT 1.0(and *possibly* up to 1.1b4)
  • disabled Acc action pending decision
  • handle time change notification in IdleX alarm handlers (thanks cmlx)
  • triggers that take a text argument (mnt, form+, fexit, net+, net-) now do partialmatch e.g. 'mus/mnt' matches insertion of SD card labelled 'music'.(only tested with mnt, should work with all)
  • treo650 after-lock wakeup: maybe fixed, not really confident. In any case, it won'tstay with Apt disabled.
  • bugfix: landscape/rev landscape actions were wrong way round (thanks ww1900)
  • check for too-high DB version
  • new action Brgt::SetD/x set Brightness preference in *Defaults* to x

1.1b7 18/5/2008

  • added Net-, Net+ triggers (net connect, disconnect, take creator ID of network creator (e.g. 'WiFi'),blank matches all network creators)Can't test this well (I have no network), let me know
  • added action …/AOff, set auto-off time (overrides Prefs screen settings)
  • added some non-printing chars for Pen/Text argument: \t (tab), \b (backspace),\e (escape), \d (delete) \r (return) (i.e. it takes up two characters to insert one non-printingcharacter, \U\D\L\R: up down left right cursor

1.1b6 18/5/2008

  • changed menu item Menu->About->Purchase
  • no warning about …/Back not working after reset (but it doesn't crash anymore)
  • added Edit~, Line~ action in Field category (toggle editable and undeline attribs)(don't edit fields that weren't editable originally (may crash): it's just to enable copy/paste)
  • added Field:Exit action (remove focus)
  • Form+ trigger renamed to FExit
  • added +Form trigger, takes name of form, actions when form has finished loading(UI elements are there).
  • only queue a button if a physical button is being pressed at the time (was queuing simulatedkey presses from macros)
  • call accessorizer code slightly differently

1.1b5 13/5/2008

  • bugfix: an e.g. hrd2 trigger would register as also a hrd3 trigger for button/keypresses
  • Wait action is no longer a 'blocking' wait: the system can get along with otherstuff while Apt is waiting (and you can move around apps etc).Some changes of sensitive macro stuff was needed for this,let me know. People with reset problems: a long wait could help (but it's longer neededthan you think, maybe 7/8 seconds to take you past all the usual reset stuff)

1.1b4 13/5/2008

  • handle return from accessorized apps started by other launchers (and take outcode for Apt-specific handling of this)(techspeak: needed to register for quitting notify for this)
  • check letter of connect/disconnect arg in UI
  • something in hsSetSound (the Treo sound manager) was causing macros aftera reset to block on Tx, only try to use that library on a 'handspring' device.
  • a reset macro should/may work when Palm is autolocked before the reset now,some actions will not (e.g. tap control, since control isn't visible)

1.1b3 12/5/2008

  • removed special launching (by enqueueing a vchar) of creator 'lnch', was causingproblems
  • added record security selector on Prefs+: -, show, mask, hide
  • bugfix: only 10 trigger rows :-)

v1.1b1 11/5/2008

  • db conversion from 1.0
  • made aptassist.c public domain
  • added Apt:Tr-,Tr+ actions (disable, enable Apt trigger)specified trigger will behave as normal, without actually doing anything(purpose is to *temporarily* mask the normal trigger action(s))
  • added sbar hide/show actions
  • added form exit trigger, take form title arg. Note: form has *already closed*, controls are gone
  • trigger arguments (mount,form exit) that take text now do caseless compares
  • added actions set rotation (user,portrait,landscape,r portrait, r landscape)
  • moved rotation code to AptAssist
  • added actions inc/dec/clear named variable (a-h)
  • in UI, 'trigger type' popup trigger became a selector trigger (to make space)
  • in UI, added trigger condition button (condition based on variable value)
  • reduced max text trigger argument length to 15 (from 16) (to fit in trigger variable condition)
  • added daily 'time' trigger in HHMM format
  • catch error value when setting macro alarm
  • bugfix: that macro alarm again :-)
  • moved khroma theme setting to AptAssist.prc
  • *removed* save command bar item, also from UI (seemed little used, consumedquite a lot of resident space)
  • added con, dcon triggers (args: u=usb, p=power,s=serial, o=other *=any)
  • redefined possible locking triggers: all non-event, connect/disconnect or mount/unmount
  • warn in UI when > 1 of a particular idle trigger in current target
  • added action Treo:Phone to toggle phone radio
  • moved Menu->X->Remove back to Apt->Remove (was itching)
  • took out triggers help menu item
  • added (short) description to trigger list items
  • small UI tweaks
  • Prefs+ screen: added 'Prefs Off' and 'Triggers Off' checkboxes (in case an app just doesn'tplay nicely with Apt)
  • bugfix: setting 'Apt Priority' very low in settings screen would likely cause crashes
  • took out a load of error messages from release version to make space
  • bugfix: always load hssoundlib even if already loaded (as advised by header file)
  • queue-up a key that occurs while handling a macro from another key, reinject after(helps with users who press too fast, no names)
  • Fill:Let action renamed to Fill:Name
  • Fill:Name action also links with the Dig trigger now (e.g. '2' trigger fills with 2day,2morrow,2otherapp etc)
  • new triggers Let+ and Dig+ (for held letters and digits on a keyboard)(both can be used for Fill:Name action)
  • new trigger Min (for minutes past hour), repeats hourly, need to be in right app (or triggeris in *Defaults*)
  • experimented with the 'err 54' reported by technical1
  • tweaked some trigger names (the + and -) to try and imply at what point the triggerfires
  • *removed* hotsync name setting (took lot of space, other free apps can do it per-app)
  • added 'Acc' action category (launch app as a DA thanks to Accessorizer and Dr Pruss)
  • put accessorizer and license in the thirdparty/ directory
  • improvement: when launching an accessorizer-created DA, or Acc-launched app,reapply Apt settings for the original app when the DA finishes.

v1.0 2/5/2008

  • bugfix: full-screen lock, form was off screen
  • added a second to the 'don't execute mount trigger after reset' timer
  • bugfix: was deleting popup box that hadn't actually been created and drawn
  • settings form -> modal
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