General Examples - Intermediate Level

Star Menu Launcher


Apt can provide you with lightning fast application changes without having to go through an intermediate
launcher. In the first image is the setup, and in the second image, the result of pressing Hard Button 1 after
clicking Fave1 in a few target apps to mark them as favourites.

To access, for example, Stones, you press Hard1 to bring up the menu and then Navigator Left to startup
Stones (you can tap the Stones box too if you like). Why bother ever going back to a
dedicated launcher program ?

Apps-By-Letter Popup List


The */Let trigger on the left leads to the image on the right when a grafitti letters 'Co' are entered in the Calc app. Well, it would if it was the right image.

Knock Screen Over to Rotate


In this example we define absolute strokes in the top corners of the screen linked
to rotate actions so that intuitively we are 'knocking' the screen on to it's side
in order to rotate it.

Note: with the DIA closed on a TX, when the screen is in landscape mode the
'corner' coordinates are different for one of the strokes. You probably
want to define strokes for both the case of the DIA being in and out.

Linking Stroke to Scrollbar


Two relative strokes have been defined, one stroke up linked to Ctrl:ScrollUp
up and one down linked to Ctrl:ScrollDown. The second image shows the
length of the strokes needed to do the scrolling. Since no scrollbar ID is given
for the actions, the first one found is scrolled.

The result: whenever an upstroke or downstroke of the right length takes place anywhere on the screen in the Babycheck app, the first scrollbar found will be moved up or down by the scrollbar page size / 2.

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