Environmental Settings Actions

These are actions to change some settings in your device.

Brightness Action Category (Brght)

See the explanation on the Prefs+ screen about the Brightness Restore option.

Brightness Up, Brightness Down

Increment or decrement the screen brightness by a fixed value. Try changes like 30 or 40 to see the effect. If this change takes brightness below zero, Apt will put it back to a safe value automatically.

Brightness Up (Up%) and Down (Dn%) by Percentage

Change the brightness by a percentage of the current level. Valid values are, of course, between 1 and 100.

Brightness Set

Set the screen brightness to a fixed value.

Brightness Restore

Reset the brightness to the value applied when the target launched. If there is no brightness setting in the target preferences or in *default*, Apt will restore the brightness at the first Idle trigger action since the last Restore action. If that is also not possible, the brightness is set to 100 and an error message generated.

Set *Default* Brightess (SetD)

Set the value of the Brightness slider in the Prefs screen of the *Defaults* profile

Brightness Popup

When triggered, shows the panel so the user can set the brightness manually.

Display Action Category (Disp)

Rotate Left (RotL)

Rotates the screen orientation to the left.

Rotate Right (RotR)

Rotates the screen orientation to the right.

Set Rotation Actions: User, Portrait, Landscape, Reverse Portrait, Reverse Landscape (RUser, Port, Land, RPort, RLand)

Set the display rotation as specified.

Status Bar Show/Hide/Toggle (SBar+, SBar-, SBar~)

Sets the state of the status bar on the bottom of the screen up/down.

DIA Action Category

Open DIA (+)

Opens up the DIA.

Close DIA (-)

Closes down the DIA.

DIA Toggle (~)

Toggles the state of the DIA up/down.

Several DIA selectors

Selects the type of DIA to show, according to this list:

Silk: classic DIA
Tri: three-area DIA
Kbd: keyboard DIA
KNrm: normal keyboard
KShft: shift keyboard
KCps: caps keyboard
KPnc: punctuation keyboard
KNum: numeric keyboard
KExt: extended keyboard
KHir: Hiragana keyboard
KKat: Katakana keyboard

Input Action Category

Instead of using these actions, often what you will want is to use the settings on the Prefs screen.

Turn On Graffiti (Graf+)

Turns on Graffiti Everywhere so you can write with your stylus anywhere on the screen.

Turn Off Graffiti (Graf-)

Turns off Graffiti Everywhere.

Graffiti Toggle (Graf~)

Toggles the state of Graffiti Everywhere.

Ink Toggle (Ink~)

Toggles the state of showing Ink when Graffiti Everywhere is turned on and a stroke is being made with the stylus.

Keyboard Dialog (QKbd)


Numeric Keyboard (NKbd)


International Keyboard Dialog (IKbd)


Communications Action Category (Coms)

Instead of using these actions, often what you will want is to use the settings on the Prefs screen.

Infrared Enable (IR+)

Enables the Infrared on your device so you beam or receive data.

Infrared Disable (IR-)

Disables the Infrared on your device.

Infrared Toggle (IR~)

Toggles the state of the Infrared on/off.

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