Building List Menus With ">"

Sorry, this tutorial is yet to be written, but you can check out the relevant part of this page to get you going.

1. Select the target where the Menu applies

In Apt, select the target application (on the top of the screen) where you want the Menu to be available; select *Defaults* to make it appear in all applications.

2. Select the trigger that will launch the Menu

The most obvious triggers are Hard button Presses, but other triggers like silk-screen buttons, card inserts, taps or strokes on the screen (like a stroke from one button on the status bar to the next) can also be good options.

Go to the appropriate screen in Apt for the target you selected and start a line with the trigger you selected. For example, if you want a menu to appear when you hold down Hard Key 1 for a second, go to the buttons screen and select Hrd1 on the trigger drop-down for any blank line. Then select (1) on the button that appears on the left (this is to specify you want a long press).

3. Filling

Continue on that same line by specifying your first menu item (example: App / Memos to launch the Memos application).

Then, on subsequent lines (no gaps!), select ">" in place of the trigger to indicate to Apt that you wish to continue specifying the menu triggered by the same event as above.

Simple menu items

Almost all Apt actions can be used as menu items, the most evident being application and DA launches, or changes to your device's settings.

Using the Automatic Fillers

Apt can fill in menu items for you with the most recently used apps, or with apps you marked as Favorites. See the documentation for the Fill Action Category to learn more.

You can combine these filling options, for example, putting in a couple of apps you always want present, then using an "Empty Filler" to leave a separator line, then filling 4 items dynamically with recently used apps, etc.

4. Trying Out Your Menu

Exit app and go to the target app you had selected (hint: the fastest way to get there is just tapping the "Go" button on the top-right corner of the Apt screen).

Trigger your trigger (by pressing the button you defined, for example) and the menu should appear. Tap on a menu option or use the 5-Way navigation to select an item from the menu.

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