Examples for Specific Apps - Intermediate Level

You can post your examples of Apt usages in specific apps here, and check out the cool ideas that other people came up with. The list will be kept in alphabetical order. Screenshots are not always necessary, but sometimes help.

Applications (Default Launcher)


These two button assignments allow you to switch quickly between icon view and list view in Applications, by pressing
and holding nav up or down for 1 second.

Tapping 1407 enters the popup list to select the view mode,
then we simulate a nav up or down to move within the popuplist,
then finally nav centre completes the selection. If you miss out the nav centre your device will probably reset!


  • Bigclock has no use for the Left and Right navigation keys. The Up and Down navigation can be assigned in Bigclock preferences to handle Timer1 (Up starts/stops the timer, Down resets it). I use the following setup with Apt for Bigclock:
    • (0) / NavD / App / eReader - I lose the hard-button reset functionality for Timer1, but I get a fast way to switch to eReader because I like to do timed readings, so I always go from Bigclock to eReader (by the way, then I use Apt's back function to check back on the clock).
    • (0) / NavL / Ctrl / Tap 1511
    • (0) / NavR / Ctrl / Tap 1512 - this way the left and right keys operate Bigclock's tabs on the top line, those labeled "1" and "2", which are a pain to use with your fingers because they are small…

Resco Neeews

This example uses Apt to allow Resco Neeews (RN) to use the hard buttons on my TX for my common tasks. Neeews is great but not very "hard button aware" for my preferences.

This is what I want to have:

  • Press the hard button 2 to go to the home screen to view the list of all of my newspapers (feeds).
  • Press the hard button 4 to make all of my articles read while in a newspaper.
  • Hold the center button down for 2 seconds will begin an update on that one newspaper (since a quick center press already opens the newspaper).

Since this is a tutorial, I'll explain how I figured out which controls I needed to use.

Go to Apt and assign the hard buttons to view the menu items in Neews, and to get the coordinates of a screen button (using the included DA GetCoords).


  • (0) / Hrd1 / Apt / LMen
  • (0) / Hrd2 / DA / GetCoords

Now hit the Go button in Apt to open RN to view the menus available.

In RN, press the first button (the Home button on the TX). You should now see a list of menu items for RN. Note the
number for Update Newspaper:2158 and Mark All as Read:2165.

Now press the second hard button to activate GetCoords and using the stylus select the House button at the top of the
screen. You should get a popup that says: Form 2210 of appl RNWX is active, you tapped at relative location (120,7),
inside object control 2212. Remember 2212 as the button number.

You now have all of the info you need to do the work:
Menu: Update Newspaper:2158
Menu: Mark All as Read:2165
Screen button: 2212

Go back to Apt and assign the following buttons to RN:

  • (0) / Hrd2 / Ctrl / Tap 2212
  • (0) / Hrd4 / Ctrl / Menu 2195
  • (2) / Cntr / Ctrl / Menu 2158
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