Examples for Specific Apps - Basic Level

You can post your examples of Apt usages in specific apps here, and check out the cool ideas that other people came up with. The list will be kept in alphabetical order. Screenshots are not always necessary, but sometimes help.

Table of Contents


  • If you like to keep your Grafitti Anywhere turned off, it's nice to be able to turn it on automatically in certain apps where you're sure to want it. An example of this is Contacts, where you may want to start writing a Grafitti letter to search for a name, everytime you use it. In Apt, select target "Contacts" and go to the Prefs tab, select Grafiiti and set it to on (and select whether you want the ink to show or not). If you want to make Apt keep Grafitti Anywhere off in general use, set it as off in the Prefs tab of *defaults*.


  • I like to push up the brightness for this app, so I can see pictures with more light in them. To achieve this, you can either
    • set a low brightness in *defaults* and a higher brightness in Media app; or
    • leave brightness unset in *defaults*, set a higher brightness in Media (prefs tab), and in the events tab include Exit / Brght / Set / 70 to bring it down again on exit. Tune that "70" to your liking.
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