Downloading Apt

  • Latest Apt version is 2.0.3.

Navigating This Site

  • The top menu bar is a complete reference of everything in Apt. It is the quick way to know what something is.
  • On the left-hand column you will find tutorials and examples of Apt usage. It's the how's and what for's.
7 Reasons to Consider Apt

Think Global, Act Local

You decide which settings you want in your device: brightness, sounds, Graffiti area, status bar, auto-off time, portrait or landscape screen orientation. Then you tell Apt for which apps you want it differently - and watch your Palm switch to your settings automatically as you move through apps. Apt used to be called Per-App-Preferences…


Beef Up the Buttons

How many application launching buttons do you have? Two? Four? And the 5-Way navigation, of course. Make good use of them. With Apt you can make each button have up to four different functions with different types of presses. And then you can define some clever menus popping up from these presses. And then you can go and redefine some of these in specific apps. And launching apps is just one of the dozens of actions you can assign to the buttons…


Super Status Bar

If you have a device with Virtual Graffiti you're familiar with the status bar at the bottom of your screen. It's always there, so handy. Wouldn't it be cool if these buttons could do more? If you could redefine them, assign actions to swipes from one button to the other, from one button onto the screen? Well, you can. Apt turns your stylus into a magic wand…


Upgrade All Your Apps

You can define actions to occur when you tap a part of the screen, or draw stroke from one place to another, or press a button. Effective all over, on only on a single app. So why not add a feature to every app you run on your device? That menu option you always use, that sequence of three taps that you do a hundred times a day? Tell Apt about it, and suddenly all your apps get a little better…


Events That Change the World

When this happens, do that. It's as simple as that. Card insertion, post-reset, idle time, an application launching or exiting, a screen you've entered, power-up or power-down - Apt keeps an eye on what's going on in your device, and let's you have a say about how it's handled…


A Sight For Sore Eyes

Ah, screen brightness. Shiny and colorful to show your pictures to a friend. Or normal for everyday use. Or very very low so you can read at night with the lights off. Or extra-bright for that app you only use outdoors. Or perhaps a black screen after X seconds idle - a screen-saver that saves you precious battery power. Apt understands your needs…


Can You Speak Palm?

Apt is a clever system that lets you program certain triggers on your Palm to do certain actions affecting the system or some application. It understands what's going on and acts on the device like you tell it to. So the possibilities are really endless - what it gives you is the ability to speak the Palm language like you were a programmer, but from a relatively simple user interface. What more is Apt capable of? The answer is yours to give!

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